Lit Crawl Boston is June 6th!

Food is love. It is want. It is joy.

It is also hunger. And loneliness.

Food links us as humans.

Come feast on food themed memoir, fiction and poetry at 8pm on June 6th at Johnny Cupcakes during Boston’s third Lit Crawl. 


The Lit Crawl is literature as entertainment.

Back Bay storefronts host a cross-section of Boston’s residents who gather to celebrate not just words, but how words can bond us as a city. 

By the way, there’s also free snacks. 

Read the descriptions of all the sessions here:

Since all events, along with refreshments, are FREE, buy a few books! Support Boston writers! 

Many thanks to the Boston Book Festival, WBUR, Aeronaut Brewing Company, Fat Boyfriend Bakery, Mass Cultural Council, Sam Adams, & Grub Street for sponsoring the event.

Speaking of Grub Street…

Boston’s already glittering literary landscape is getting a jeweled crown with the new Narrative Arts Center set to open sometime in 2020. 

From their website:

“GrubStreet's new space will include a bookstore, cafe, community space for writers, a podcast studio, and more classrooms for GrubStreet’s workshops. It will also feature an event space for readings, slam poetry, storytelling events, and shows that combine words with music and dance. Our new home will welcome people of all backgrounds and income levels to create, perform, and collaborate.”

Deborah Norkin