Food Writer & Editor

My fiction and non-fiction has been published in newspapers, magazines, and literary journals. I am the Food Writing Editor for Zest! a section of Pangyrus literary journal, and the Editorial Director for Santé, an online publication to the up-market restaurant trade. Though I don't only write about food, I will always write about food. For information about editorial services & writing support, contact me at


Literary Event Host

Organizing and hosting an event is like throwing a fabulous party. There's laughter, food, drink and always stimulating conversation. Authors get the opportunity to promote their books and readers get questions answered for a richer understanding of the work. In addition to author events, I lead critique groups and teach workshops. I believe intellectual nourishment is vital to a healthy mind, especially for writers and artists. If you're interested in joining a group, have an idea for an event and would like to collaborate, or would like me to host an event, please contact me at  


It's all about Food 

If one were to examine my DNA with an electron microscope, I imagine it would be held together with strings of linguini. I started cooking at 10, have a BS in Nutrition, and a diploma from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. When I look at plump, ripe tomatoes, glossy-skinned red and green peppers, and firm, crisp cucumbers, I don’t see vegetables, I see gazpacho. I taste the tart bite of sherry vinegar that opens the flavors and brings the soup to life. I remember Barcelona, drinking wine with my family, and learning to add bread crumbs to give the dish more body. Food is more than sustenance. It is love, it is longing, it is all emotions. It is stories.


Gardening & Nature

When I burrow my hands into cool spring soil I am connected to the earth and every living thing upon it. I find peace in a chlorophyl-scented, mossy forest with Rocco, my furry companion, by my side. My herb garden yields chives for omelets, and basil for bruschetta. I plant twice as many flowers as I want because bunnies will munch my tulips and groundhogs will nibble my petunias. I have learned not to fight Mother Nature. She always wins.