Liver and Onions  — Article by Deborah Norkin

Liver and Onions — Article by Deborah Norkin


Zest! — Pangyrus

Food Writing Editor

Zest is the food writing section of Pangyrus, a Boston based literary magazine. We publish food-themed memoir, fiction, and poetry. Without air, water, and food, there is no life. Of these three vital components, food stands alone as a cultural touchstone. Every person on this planet has a food memory. Your stories are precious. Write them down and submit them to Zest! I read every story and respond with feedback.


Santé Magazine

Editorial director

If you love working in the restaurant or hospitality industry you’re likely an adrenaline junkie. There’s nothing like the buzz of a busy restaurant on a Saturday night, when you’re fully booked and fully staffed. You’re generous. To dedicate your career to serving others is to give something of yourself on every plate. You’re a risk taker. You sacrifice days, hours, weeks, even years to a venture as high risk as they come. The restaurant business is vital, difficult, brilliant. Santé aims to entertain, and inform those who choose the hospitality industry as a way of life with the goal of helping you to improve your bottom line.

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Sante Magazine — Editorial & Writing by Deborah Norkin

Sante Magazine — Editorial & Writing by Deborah Norkin

Was my House Cursed?  — Article by Deborah Norkin

Was my House Cursed? — Article by Deborah Norkin


Boston Globe

Globe Correspondent

The center-entrance brick-front Sudbury Colonial with the circular drive was suspiciously grander than our pocketbook. It was also, after months of searching, the first home my husband and I both liked.

“That can’t be the right price,” I said awed by the two-story marble-tiled foyer with the curved staircase.

“It’s bank owned,” our realtor said, her voice an echo in the vacant room. “They probably want to unload it before winter.”

Wicked Local — Walpole


Few images evoke as strong a sense of time and place as the classic New England farm. In Massachusetts we, as a community, value dwellings that have withstood the passing centuries. Land, however, is a different story. Acres are often lost to development.

Antique 50 acre farmhouse  — Articles by Deborah Norkin

Antique 50 acre farmhouse — Articles by Deborah Norkin

T  he Last First  — Written Piece by Deborah Norkin

The Last First — Written Piece by Deborah Norkin


The Writer’s Loft Anthology

2nd place winner & Contributing Author

I want to scream at the nurses, at the doctors, even at the people who bring her meals. 

This husk of a human is not Laura. 

Laura’s eyes are clear and blue, not cloudy. They gleam with mischief. When we were sixteen, there wasn’t a boy in town who didn’t turn their head when she sauntered by, not because she was the prettiest, but because with Laura, things you never in a million years dreamed could happen, seemed possible.

— Deborah Norkin, The Last First

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